Weather or not

So, my partner is a huge fan of apps related to weather – so much so that she has an entire folder dedicated to them on her iPhone.  But even with half a dozen apps, it’s hard to imagine how she could have 75 notifications:


When we looked more closely, we realized that the Weather Live app is using the badge icon to display the temperature.  So, her notification count is a combination of the temperature plus her notifications:


Maybe this is just an edge case.  After all, who has nine weather apps on their phone?!  But these kinds of errors reinforce the value of having a qualified designer on staff, as well as the importance of creating and transmitting design standards across the organization.

Start with people

John Maeda posted this quote on Twitter last week, and it really resonated with me:


It’s a wonderful aspiration.  I wish it were true that we could get entire product / project teams thinking in this way …

EUX17 – More stuff

One of the many fun things about the Enterprise UX conference is that quite a few of the attendees are active on Slack.  Through that channel, there was additional content and many interesting ideas shared over the course of the conference.  I collected some of the ones I thought would be most relevant to a group that didn’t have a chance to attend the event.  And I also pulled out some of the websites that were referenced in speaker talks (though I am sure I missed some!).  You can find what I collected below.

XPLANE worked with the EUX team to create a visualization of the conference themes, which we had a chance to review and edit as part of our time together: EUX sketch from XPLANE

They used for digital feedback as well.

There were workshops preceding the conference this year, and those Slack channels were visible to all attendees for those who had time to take a sneak peek.  From the Designing Design Organizations workshop, I read an article about “Spotify’s shift to bring User Research and Data Analysts under the same umbrella to create the Product Insights team”.

On Slack there was also a brief discussion about Dual Track Development (where Discovery is acknowledged as a separate activity on a different cadence).

From Ross Smith during the Transcending Silos theme, here is the news story about Joshie the Giraffe.

During her Transcending Silos talk, Ariel Kennan talked about resources that they have made publicly available to raise awareness, help accelerate their own mission, and offer a public service:

During the Creating a Legacy theme, Sam Yen described some of the resources that SAP is making available to the broader community:

The design course for non-designers has been the most used resource of those they have made available.

Here is a link to Citrix’s 2001 vision video called Virtual Workplace that Mark Templeton shared as part of his closing keynote called Creating a Legacy: The Ultimate Experience.

Last but not least, here is a link to all of MJ Broadbent’s sketchnotes, which are now also available on the conference website.


EUX17 – Closing Keynote

Creating a Legacy: The Ultimate Experience
Mark Templeton (former President and CEO, Citrix Systems, Inc.)

Abstract from the EUX website:
The ultimate user experience is the one that’s invisible—it’s unexplained magic—like a gift without a special occasion. When the magic lasts, retained in the heart, beyond the memory of who created them, that’s a true legacy. As we know, lasting experiences are few and far between. This keynote will share the UX journey of Citrix—through the successes, failures and stories of the company’s former CEO. This session will wrap up our conference with the goal of expanding your insights and sparking inspiration as you take away the professional value and fun of Enterprise UX 2017.

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EUX17 – Creating a Legacy

Theme 4: Creating a Legacy

Theme Leader: Colette Vardeman (Executive Director of Design, USAA)

Abstract from the EUX website:
What factors ensure the growth and sustainability of enterprise UX—or indicate trouble ahead? How can we inoculate ourselves against factors that kill enterprise UX teams and practices? How do we craft a multi-decade vision for ourselves and our organization that inspires followership, and undying respect? We’ll learn from leaders who’ve been around long enough to tell great stories and teach valuable lessons of what makes or breaks an enterprise’s UX capabilities over the long haul.

Colette spoke briefly about the panel, and said that for her, this was an interesting topic for her at this point in her life.  She has a milestone birthday coming up – it has provided a reason to reflect.  There are things she can point to that she is proud of.  It has led her to ask “What are we doing every day to create conditions and culture for UX to thrive?“.  The speakers on this panel are 10-12 years into their careers at their current companies.  Listen for leadership behaviors like humility and wide eyed curiosity about problems, people, and the environments we work in.  And sheer will.  They help us persevere every day.  You will hear these themes in their stories, but not explicitly.  They have gone beyond empathy for end-users or customers, to have empathy for the people we work with.  If we can get that right, there would be no stopping us!

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