Hooked on Terraria

[from an August 2015 mommy blog post, with minor edits] We’re hooked – totally and completely hooked on this game, as evidenced by the fact that the highlight of our weekend so far has been killing the Wall of Flesh as a family.  We did it first in our oldest son’s game (after two weeks […]

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Digital hoarding


When we moved from the Philadelphia area to Chicagoland late  last year, we moved into a house that’s about half the size of the one we left behind.  Our new place is a sweet little Dutch Colonial built in 1924, and it’s been almost completely redone inside and out.  But the reality is, I think […]

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My next job

Scan 18

We have always read books to our kids at bedtime, but they are finally old enough to appreciate (and be quiet enough!) for the public library. We are so lucky to have a wonderful town library walking distance from our house.  The whole second floor is a children’s section, and the boys seem to enjoy […]

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Art, science, & pasta

Today I came across a really appetizing interesting site, which is an excerpt from a book called Pasta by Design, by George L. Legendre. What is so wonderful about it – to me at least – is that it brings together the math which produces the curves in the pasta, the technical reproduction of the […]

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Smiling city

This week I was talking to one of the Principals at ZS, helping him to prepare for a client engagement.  His consulting team is putting together a proposal regarding the use of iPads for sales enablement.  They are preparing to do ride-alongs with local pharmaceutical reps, and they wanted my help to help them prepare. […]

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