Enterprise UI Summit – prework

Elsewhere, I’ve written about SAP’s intranet (called the Corporate Portal), which runs on the SAP NetWeaver platform.  In addition to our intranet, at SAP we have an instance of the Jive Clearspace Suite installed for collaboration both inside and outside the firewall.  I have enjoyed my use of the ‘Collaboration Workspace’ so far, though I do sometimes find it frustrating that it exists independent of the rest of our landscape; it makes it ‘above the flow’ rather than ‘in the flow’, as Michael Idinopulos said.  Nonetheless, my experience with Clearspace has been quite positive so far, so when Jive CMO Sam Lawrence tweeted that he had open seats remaining for the Enterprise UI Summit in Aspen, I jumped at the opportunity!

I am traveling with Kirsten Gay, my User Experience Manager.  We leave for Aspen on Wednesday morning, and I’ll be home very late Friday night.  Sam will be writing about the Summit on his blog Go Big Always, and as part of our pre-work, he asked participants to answer some questions about enterprise user interface.  You can read my responses (and see the responses of other Summit participants) on Sam’s blog.

If these topics are of interest to you, Jive is also hosting a community they’re calling Clearstep:

Clearstep is a site focused on best practices and education around starting, managing and growing online communities and enterprise social networks for employees, partners and customers. … There has been a lot of demand for this type of community from our customers and we are excited to hear what you think, both about the community itself and your company’s use of social software.

You can learn more about Clearstep and request access here.  I hope to Twitter and/or blog while I’m at the Summit in Aspen, so stay tuned!

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