Representation matters

It may seem obvious to some, but when I came out 35 years ago, I never saw relationships like mine the way we see them now in advertising, television, film, and books. It continues to be a thrill for me to see same-sex couples in media. Having the LGBTQ+ experience normalized in the media is important and affirming in ways that may be hard for some to understand. My writing today was triggered by two things – a recent Out Magazine article about LGBTQ celebrities, and an LGBTQ romance series I just finished. This post reflects on what I am seeing and experiencing now as a result.

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Avoiding ‘Manels’

At ZS, our firm-wide Inclusion and Diversity initiative is picking up steam, and it’s generating a lot of interesting and thought-provoking discussion about how we can continue to improve and evolve as a firm. The original piece by Collins generated some good dialogue internally, and I wanted to share an excerpt of that exchange here, and hopefully broaden the discussion.

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On Lego

It’s hard to say who is more obsessed with Lego bricks – my kids, or their parents!  My partner and I both feel that our childhoods were poorer for not having had our own Lego toys.  We’ve made up for it by having more Legos in the house than we could possibly ever play with! […]

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