Left Brain, Right Brain

As we observe both of our children in their Brain Balance programs, we continue to be curious about the emerging research on the brain.  Mercedes-Benz just produced a visually compelling advertisement which I think does a beautiful job representing the differences between the left and right sides of the brain. You can click on the […]

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Campaign computing


I guess it’s a little anticlimatic to be writing about the US presidential election now, but I’m going to do it anyways!   🙂 For me one of the interesting trends this year was to see how central big data and sophisticated computing have become to our election activities.  There were a whole series of […]

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Art, science, & pasta

Today I came across a really appetizing interesting site, which is an excerpt from a book called Pasta by Design, by George L. Legendre. What is so wonderful about it – to me at least – is that it brings together the math which produces the curves in the pasta, the technical reproduction of the […]

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Displaying data

In a post some time ago, I wrote about my growing interest in data visualization, and its importance as (1) my team’s work in User Experience consulting was gaining more exposure with executives, and (2) we began working with larger datasets that lend themselves well to these types of representation.  I continue to see the […]

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End-user or business stakeholder?

[This is a modified version of a post I made internally on SAP’s Lean Transformation blog.  I’ve removed a few of the details about sales compensation, the process diagram, and the system screenshots.] One of the significant challenges we face in the User Experience work we do at SAP is working with business stakeholders who […]

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