Engaging with executives


I wrote the business case for and built the UX team in the Operations board area when I was at SAP.   Under my direction, what started as a small team in the Americas grew to nearly 20 people globally.  Our work informed both strategic process improvements and the design of internal systems for the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Process Officer (CPO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and various executives in Global Sales Operations.

ux-executiveThe guidance and coaching I received – along with some practical experience – has had a significant influence on how I talk about our work today. When I speak with our more senior clients, I am clear about what matters to executives, and confident in describing the value of our services in a way that will resonate.

The two things I find myself speaking about with the most frequency are Return on Investment (ROI) and End-user Adoption, which for me are deeply intertwined.  I’ve written a bit about this, and I anticipate these are topics I’ll return to again on my blog, given their prominence in my work activities at the moment.

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