Recognizing Lean

Here is my list of the Top 7 ways to know you’re working in a Lean environment:

  1. You keep hearing references to Lean that don’t refer to Cuisine or cuts of meat.
  2. You keep hearing Japanese terms like kaizen or muda.
  3. People are talking about Flow, but they are not referencing the positive psychologist Csikszentmihalyi.
  4. You hear references to Value Stream and you’re not sure what people are talking about.
  5. You’re told that the team is trying to achieve Customer Pull, but you’re not sure you want to be pulled by a customer.  You learn later that this means a rate of production based on customer demand; that in turn means the manufacturing process is so fast that items can be made to order.
  6. You’re told that your goal is to understand the Voice of the Customer; you fervently hope that has something to do with user research and not singing.
  7. You are told to genchi gembutsu (go see for yourself).

This is a teaser for a post I wrote about Lean and User Experience that will go live tomorrow, so I hope you’ll come back and check it out.

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