Ethnography: Understand and Shape your Brand Experience

Panel Abstract

The difference between a successful product launch, and one that falls short … or fails is often an “ah-HA! moment” during its design and packaging. For nearly a decade some of the biggest brands have taken the inside track to market dominance—and that track rolls right through the user’s home, office or worksite. The work of scouting that path is done by ethnographers, and their role in product design is increasing.

Whether you’ve never heard of ethnography or have been working with it for the last five years, this is one of the rare chances to meet and learn from experts.  Our panel of ethnographers will share their insights and experience with major consumer, B2B and pharmaceutical brands.

Program attendees will learn how ethnography has—and will increasingly—help shape:

  • Brand differentiation and positioning
  • User Experience
  • Brand Management

Panel Participants


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