Work in UX

I was initially hired at ZS to build a User Experience capability for the engineering team (which we call Software Development).  As that team became established and better integrated into the product lifecycle, I became increasingly aware that a better relationship with our services organization (which comprises the vast majority of the firm) would be beneficial.  Beginning to work with our consulting teams eventually led to a business case and information of a User Experience team in consulting.  Although leading two such different teams is sort of an unusual role, I’m enjoying both the variety and the challenge.

Based on where I am in my career, and where our teams are at the moment, there are three big topics at top of mind for me at the moment:

  • Engaging with Executives.  How do we talk with executives about the value and impact of what we do, in terms that make sense for them?  How do we make UX a relevant – and even important – part of their thinking as they make significant technology investments?  I have been thinking about and working on this since I built my first team in 2005, and I am continually looking for new ways to tell the story.
  • UX Maturity.  It has been interesting to be a part of watching the field mature since the early 2000s.  I often find myself presenting (or speaking more informally) about how we can bring our deepening understanding to both colleagues and clients.
  • People Development.   As a mid-level executive, finding and cultivating talent is a significant part of where I spend time.  I enjoy getting to know new UXers and helping them think about their professional development and long-term career aspirations.  We’re doing some interesting things to tackle those challenges at ZS.

I speak occasionally on UX topics, and (assuming the material is not confidential for some reason) I post my presentations (with voice-over) afterwards.

You can learn more about my work experience on LinkedIn.  I am also happy to share my resume or curriculum vitae by email.