Critical Management bibliography

Critical management literature and other readings on governmentality demonstrate how Foucault’s ideas can be used to understand organizations.

The writings of Diana Forsythe

Forsythe was trained both as an anthropologist and as a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) expert.  Her writings were extremely influential in helping me establish a path forward for myself as both an anthropologist and a technical expert.

The Ethnographic Praxis in Industry (EPIC) Conference

Although I haven’t had the chance to attend every year, EPIC is has always been one of my very favorite conferences!  The quality of the content is usually pretty high because of double-blind peer reviews.  Although it’s ten years old in 2015, it remains an intimate event because of the workshops and single track approach.  I have found the presentations and papers to be compelling, and the venues interesting places to visit.  More recently, the launch of EPIC People provides fresh content and access to community all year.

References Cited

I’ve made the bibliography of my dissertation available for anyone who may be doing research along similar lines.

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