Left Brain, Right Brain

As we observe both of our children in their Brain Balance programs, we continue to be curious about the emerging research on the brain.  Mercedes-Benz just produced a visually compelling advertisement which I think does a beautiful job representing the differences between the left and right sides of the brain. You can click on the […]

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Digital hoarding


When we moved from the Philadelphia area to Chicagoland late  last year, we moved into a house that’s about half the size of the one we left behind.  Our new place is a sweet little Dutch Colonial built in 1924, and it’s been almost completely redone inside and out.  But the reality is, I think […]

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Introducing Froggy!

In the past few months, it has become increasingly clear that my website and blog were woefully outdated, and that it was time for a refresh.  I have been reticent to post until the site was up and fully navigable, but I think it’s close enough now that I can get back to producing content. […]

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Art, science, & pasta

Today I came across a really appetizing interesting site, which is an excerpt from a book called Pasta by Design, by George L. Legendre. What is so wonderful about it – to me at least – is that it brings together the math which produces the curves in the pasta, the technical reproduction of the […]

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Friday yumminess

This week I had a chance to dig into my RSS reader this week for the first time in months, and I found a few things I thought I would pass along for fun.  And in honor of this post I’m introducing a new tag – yummy.   For those of you that know me in real life, you know that I use […]

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