Navigating by touch

For Christmas this year I received an iPod Touch.  It’s a luxury item for sure, as I already have an iPod that works just fine.  One of the big reasons I wanted one was that I felt that I was missing the boat in terms of how navigation and interaction design are evolving in light […]

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Connected – major concepts

I am still fighting my way out of the post-pregnancy fog, but the synapses are definitely firing again.  One of the really exciting benefits of that (besides the obvious fact of feeling more like my old self again), is that I want (and am finally able!) to read and write again. I’ve been fascinated with […]

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On becoming a tweet

I’ve become a tweet. I am not really sure how it happened, honestly.  I mean, I was not really even a regular blogger before I got hooked.  During my work day I typically run from meeting to meeting, usually eating lunch at my desk or in the hallway on my way to something else.  When […]

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