Voice of the Customer

[As mentioned in an earlier post, SAP has embarked on a transformation journey with a focus on Lean principles.  Due to the contributions of my User Experience team into several of SAP’s COO-sponsored projects (COO Programs & Projects, or COO P/Ps for short), I have been invited to blog inside SAP about our journey to […]

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Putting Lean in context

[NOTE: This post was originally titled Deconstructing Lean. I renamed Putting Lean in context on 3/26/09, because the post got so long I never got around to the deconstruction of the Lean concepts. That’s coming in a future post, so stay tuned!  Natalie] When I first conducted ethnographic research at SAP as part of my […]

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Meeting Ernie, learning Lean

One of the funny things about SAP is that we refer to our highest-ranking executives by their first names – Leo, Bill, Henning, Marty, Ernie, Hasso, Shai … Not that there aren’t other Germans at SAP named Henning!  But when you just say ‘Henning’, everyone knows who you’re talking about.  In my case, I’m really excited […]

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