Leading Teams that Execute

Theme 2: Leading Teams that Execute Theme Leader: Phillip Hunter (Head of UX, Amazon Alexa Skills) Abstract from the EUX website: Design leaders need to do more than hire, train, and mentor great craftspeople. They must get people to work together as an interdisciplinary team, bound by a shared vision of what a successful enterprise […]

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Crafting Enterprise Experiences

Crafting Enterprise Experiences Theme Leader: Theresa Neil (Owner of Strategy + Design) Abstract from the EUX website: The enterprise setting forces us to redefine what “good” design means. We’ll explore how unique factors like complexity, scale, and lack of control can impact our craft and completely change our expectations. Theresa Neil introduced the panel and […]

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Exploring cadence

Exploring Cadence: You, Your Team, and Your Enterprise Elizabeth Churchill (Director of User Experience, Google) Abstract from the Enterprise UX 2017 website: Time is always on our minds in very practical ways—apportioning it for various projects, creating and prioritizing tasks, calendaring, and tracking deadlines and deliverables. Time does, however, have more abstract qualities that require […]

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