Chelation Chronicles – 1H 2018

In this post, I describe my planning for and beginning the Andy Cutler Chelation (ACC) protocol. These months have included lots of ups and downs – mostly downs, unfortunately – including a Chronic Lyme diagnosis, and the realization that I passed my heavy metal poisoning to both kids in utero. On the upside, I’ve managed to get myself into a routine with ACC, and we’re chelating the kids now too. I hope I’ll have more good news than bad to share the next time I write.

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Andy Cutler Chelation (ACC)

This blog post is a follow up to one I wrote about a year ago called It’s Not Just Flint, in which I started to address my lead and mercury poisoning. Although much of what I learned still holds true, I’ve learned a lot more since then. In this post, I’ll be mostly focused on […]

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It’s not just Flint

Every day I read more news about toxins in our environment, and the growing body of research that makes the connection between these (largely unregulated) chemicals and a variety of insidious health conditions.  I feel like Americans generally don’t understand the seriousness of the situation, and how much corporations affect our environment and ultimately our […]

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