The Brand Called You

In several of my recent posts, I referenced a Tom Peters’ article in Fast Company entitled The Brand Called You. Tom Peters has been described as the best-selling business author in history, but he is perhaps most well known for his book In Search of Excellence, which he has said he wrote in response to the cookie-cutter […]

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Brand recognition

This past weekend we went to a party to celebrate the First Communion of my niece.  It was a big, fun party with family and lots of family friends, and it was especially fun for me and my partner because we got to play pass-the-baby with our littlest one (Wynn), which gave us one toddler […]

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In early April 5th, I had the chance to participate in a free webinar with Linchpin author Seth Godin, thanks to Polar Unlimited’s service  Although I haven’t read the book, the webinar gave me a good feel for the book and the author.  Here is what was discussed: What is a Linchpin, and why […]

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