Temple Run

I’m back in India this week, so that I can spend some time with my growing team.  The trip is inevitably hard on me and my family, but at the same time I really enjoy having some time in person with all the amazing people who have joined our organization in the past year or […]

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Inspiration from Japan

I’ve been browsing through some of my old posts in draft, trying to figure out which ones I might actually get around to finishing.  I did come across a few different posts about Japan (one is from my trip to Japan in 2010!) which I thought it might be fun to combine. The inspiration to […]

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IMG_7897 copy

As part of the cultural immersion experiences that were planned at EPIC in Tokyo, we had a chance to engage in some Japanese traditions.  I had learned a little about ikebana (flower arranging) in an undergraduate course on Buddhism in Japan.  It was great to watch the masters at work!

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As part of EPIC we had the opportunity to select activities that would give us a sense of the local people, culture and environment.  A few of us chose to go to a traditional Japanese day spa, along with our local guides.  I chose to visit Oedo-Onsen, which was very different from anything I had […]

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