This is who we are

I logged into our intranet this morning to prepare a blog post, and I came across this video about ZS.  I was happy to see it’s available on YouTube, so I could share it here.  For me, I feel like this video does a nice job reflecting on what makes ZS a special place to […]

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Gratitude. It turns out that it’s been a big theme in my reading over the past few years – more so than I realized.  I just finished reading The Gratitude Diaries, and I wanted to share what I found most compelling about the books I’ve read on this topic, as well as some of the common threads […]

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On being busy

There’s nothing like a Thanksgiving week away from work (and full of quality time with my family!) to reflect on the value and risks of being busy. On Being Busy A few months ago (when I started this post!) there was been a flurry of articles on the topic of being busy.  The first one […]

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My next job

Scan 18

We have always read books to our kids at bedtime, but they are finally old enough to appreciate (and be quiet enough!) for the public library. We are so lucky to have a wonderful town library walking distance from our house.  The whole second floor is a children’s section, and the boys seem to enjoy […]

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I can’t believe it’s been almost six months since I started my  job at ZS Associates outside of Chicago.  Where has the time gone?!  At least a half a dozen times I have started a post about what work is like and how different it is than what I was doing before.  But in reality, […]

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