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EUX16 – Summary

In June 2016, I attended the second annual Enterprise UX conference.  I was energized both by the presenters and by the ensuing dialogue!  I met many people leading teams and/or doing work that was very similar to what my teams do, so I am looking forward to attending the conference again this year.  It is […]

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Themes in Ethnographic Research

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to meet the design research community of practice at Fjord (the design firm acquired by Accenture) in Chicago.  I was asked to speak to them about how anthropologists approach ethnographic research in a way that might be interesting or instructive for design research professionals. ZS competes with […]

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The Moment of Clarity

Last week I had the great pleasure of speaking with Christian Madsbjerg, co-author of The Moment of Clarity: Using the Human Sciences to Solve Your Toughest Business Problems.  In their book, Christian and Mikkel share case studies from their consulting work at Lego, Adidas, Coloplast (a medical device company), and others.  The wonderful, rich examples show the […]

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Gratitude. It turns out that it’s been a big theme in my reading over the past few years – more so than I realized.  I just finished reading The Gratitude Diaries, and I wanted to share what I found most compelling about the books I’ve read on this topic, as well as some of the common threads […]

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Lean & User Experience, again


Over the years I’ve written a few posts about the relationship between Lean and User Experience.  But in looking back on those, I don’t feel like I ever did as thorough of a job as I would like in connecting the two domains.  So when I was asked last year to contribute to a new book […]

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