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EUI Summit – Day 0

Kirsten and I arrived in Aspen for the Enterprise UI Summit yesterday, tired and hungry. Overall the trip was pretty uneventful, although we had a super tight connection in Denver, and a bumpy ride into Aspen because of the weather.  I think it is going take me a little while to get acclimated to the […]

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Enterprise UI Summit – prework

Elsewhere, I’ve written about SAP’s intranet (called the Corporate Portal), which runs on the SAP NetWeaver platform.  In addition to our intranet, at SAP we have an instance of the Jive Clearspace Suite installed for collaboration both inside and outside the firewall.  I have enjoyed my use of the ‘Collaboration Workspace’ so far, though I […]

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Project Delight

In the coming month or so, I will step down from the governing body of our intranet, the Portal Business Group (PBG).  I helped formulate the concept of the group in 2003 and was one of its founding members.  During my tenure I was responsible for representing the interests of a quarter of SAP’s employee […]

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