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On becoming a tweet

I’ve become a tweet. I am not really sure how it happened, honestly.  I mean, I was not really even a regular blogger before I got hooked.  During my work day I typically run from meeting to meeting, usually eating lunch at my desk or in the hallway on my way to something else.  When […]

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I thought IM was hip

This week at work I sent an email announcing that I was stepping down from the intranet governing body.  It was a big deal (at least for me) as I have been working in that space since early 2004.  But it was really time for something new, and I am looking forward to the change. […]

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Taking the plunge

For a long while now, I’ve been meaning to get my act together with a web site and an online presence in general.  But now understanding all the new technologies is integral to my work, so I’m deep into it trying to figure it out.  I’m on Facebook now, and finding some long-lost friends from […]

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