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I still have Hashimotos


Just over three years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s Disease.  I was in pretty bad shape at the time.  I knew my mental acuity was deteriorating rapidly, I was perpetually exhausted, and I gained weight no matter what I did about food and exercise.  It was finally with a referral from my […]

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Lessons Learned at the Lost & Found

Losing my phone gave me a chance to reflect on how we create experiences, large and small –

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UX is not a subset of CX

[This article was originally posted on ZS Associates’ CX Factor blog.] User Experience (UX) isn’t just about user interface design (though many conflate the two). Rather, the field is a convergence of art and science, including design, ergonomics and human factors engineering, the social sciences, and more. As a domain, UX has matured rapidly. Undergraduates […]

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UX job openings (various locations)

As some of you know, I lead a User Experience team at ZS Associates.  We’re a privately held, employed-owned professional services firm of about 4000 people, with offices around the world.  I joined ZS four years ago to build the User Experience (UX) team in our Software Development group.  We’ve made a good impact on […]

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I have Hashimoto’s

thyroid butterfly

I had intended to write a post for Thyroid Awareness month (which was in January).  I thought it would be important to share my experience, with the hope that others would get the help they needed way sooner that I did.  But, if nothing else, this disease is teaching me to manage my own expectations about […]

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