DesignOps in Wonderland

Carla Casariego
Digital Experience Director and Head of Design Ops, Express Scripts

Sarah Spencer
Senior Design Ops Manager, Express Scripts

From the DesignOps Summit website:
Experience the fantastical world of navigating rabbit holes, unlocking doors with hidden keys, and racing against the clock as Carla Casariego and Sarah Spencer take you through their adventures in creating and sustaining an agile DesignOps org at Express Scripts.

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Debunking the Myths of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Alastair Simpson
Head of Design, Atlassian

From the DesignOps Summit website:
Trying to plan and collaborate across different teams whilst creating a cohesive culture can sometimes feel like a pipe dream. This is especially true as we start to work with more distributed teams and as we add more and more specialised functions to the mix, such as Design, Research, Content Strategy, Product Management, Engineering, Data Science…oh my! There are also a few common myths which are just not true in today’s modern team environment. Come along for a few laughs as we explore a few popular myths, debunk them and arm you with a few practical tips and ideas to help you build world-class products.

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The Bigger Picture: A Panel Discussion

Lou Rosenfeld (moderator)
Principal, Rosenfeld Media

Jose Coronado
Vice-President of Global Design Operations, JPMorgan

Rachel Posman
Head of Design Operations, UberEats

Guneet Singh
Director of Customer Experience Programs, Docusign

Crystal C. Yan
Product Lead, New Initiatives, Remitly

This year’s conference ambitiously tackles three huge, over-arching themes:

  • Proving value and measuring outcomes
  • Partnering outside design
  • Change management

These are indeed huge and over-arching. But, with the help of four crack DesignOps and ResearchOps leaders, the audience’s questions, and Lou Rosenfeld’s moderation, we’ll pull lit off—and we’ll even have some valuable take-aways by the end of the session.

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Distributed Design Operations Management

Jilanna Wilson
Director of Design and Research Operations, Zendesk

From the DesignOps Summit website:
Long distance relationships are hard – and managing Design Operations for a global team is no exception. Even with the best collaboration tools (and occasional late night phone calls), teams can struggle with isolation and lack of motivation. But there is a way to avoid bad break ups and international team malaise, and Jilanna Wilson knows how. She keeps the love light burning for a team that is spread across 5 continents and 8 time zones. In this session you will hear practical suggestions for topics that are challenging many DesignOps leaders, such as how to manage your team’s critical meetings, maintain consistent onboarding and documentation practices, select effective collaboration tools, and achieve a healthy team culture in a distributed environment.

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Expensive Routers Create Connections

Indra Klavins
Director of Design Operations, Verizon

From the DesignOps Summit website:
DevOps has spent a decade focused on tooling that allows developers to code, deploy, monitor, and optimize quickly and efficiently. Along the way, many within that community forget that the people within that community and the developers that they serve are, first and foremost, people. Hear what happens when a Design Ops professional finds herself embedded in a DevOps team, helps them see each other as people, and applies a bit of design thinking, tools and techniques to help them learn the skills necessary as the people they serve move from the information age to the conceptual age.

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