“Prototype” vs “Prototype”—Breaking Down and Rebuilding Our Understanding of What We Do

Saara Kamppari-Miller
User Experience Design Leader, Intel

From the DesignOps Summit website:
Re-orgs are inevitable, where the first pain point people encounter is terminology clash. It may feel trite to discuss labels when there are bigger issues to tackle, except that words matter. Words represent processes, methodologies, philosophies, and our values. In this talk I’ll share our story of two multi-disciplinary design teams merging into one. Our pain points, and the exercises we used to break down barriers and create a new team framework for talking with each other about what we really do. Learn how to lead your team from affinity diagram to building a bespoke skills wheel self-assessment.

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Transforming Strategic Research Capacity through Democratization

Marjorie Stainback
Research Operations Manager, Fidelity Investments

Kelsey Kingman
Senior User Researcher, Fidelity Investments

From the DesignOps Summit website:
What do you do when you have 8x more designers than user researchers in an organization? Learn how we empowered designers to conduct local-level evaluative research, gave researchers more time to work on global, strategic research, and transformed our user research delivery practice. We will share what key ingredients made our transformation possible and what pitfalls to avoid when bringing research democratization to your own organization.

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Lessons From the DesignOps Journey of the World’s Largest Travel Site

Eniola Oluwole
Chief Strategy Officer, Velir

From the DesignOps Summit website:
Launching a design operations practice is always a challenge, but when you’re the world’s largest travel site, with 490 million monthly visitors and content in 70+ languages, the complexity can seem insurmountable. In this session, Eniola Oluwole will share TripAdvisor’s journey from groups of disconnected design teams with very little process, multiple style guides and no standard toolset, to an integrated organization with a thriving design operations practice. Attendees will learn how to communicate the value of a design ops practice, evaluate design management tools, engage their team in the process and identify the right time to hire dedicated support.

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DesignOps in Wonderland

Carla Casariego
Digital Experience Director and Head of Design Ops, Express Scripts

Sarah Spencer
Senior Design Ops Manager, Express Scripts

From the DesignOps Summit website:
Experience the fantastical world of navigating rabbit holes, unlocking doors with hidden keys, and racing against the clock as Carla Casariego and Sarah Spencer take you through their adventures in creating and sustaining an agile DesignOps org at Express Scripts.

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Debunking the Myths of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Alastair Simpson
Head of Design, Atlassian

From the DesignOps Summit website:
Trying to plan and collaborate across different teams whilst creating a cohesive culture can sometimes feel like a pipe dream. This is especially true as we start to work with more distributed teams and as we add more and more specialised functions to the mix, such as Design, Research, Content Strategy, Product Management, Engineering, Data Science…oh my! There are also a few common myths which are just not true in today’s modern team environment. Come along for a few laughs as we explore a few popular myths, debunk them and arm you with a few practical tips and ideas to help you build world-class products.

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