This article is cross-posted from the ZS intranet (which we call ZSpace), where I write episodically about issues of interest to the LGBTQ+ community and our allies. It’s been lightly edited for an external audience.

Last week, I finished up my week enthusiastic about our global plans for Pride Month.  I was looking forward to a Monday with my Pride Zoom background, my signature file with our amazing rainbow logo, and our social media plans on the horizon.  I even made sure my rainbow socks were clean.  I would be all decked out in rainbows and ready to go! 

However, the sobering events of the past few days demand our attention and acknowledgement.  Part of what has made the LGBTQ+ community at ZS as positive and strong as it is today are the wonderful allies in our midst.  Similarly, in this time when gross injustice and treatment of African-Americans is perhaps finally getting the outrage and attention it deserves, being strong allies to our The Black and Hispanic Alliance (BHA) colleagues and their communities has never been more important.

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Third hair test

This blog post is focused on my chronic health issues, specifically, my efforts to detox heavy metals using the Andy Cutler Chelation (ACC) protocol. You can read about how I found ACC and chose to pursue it in this post. For the past several years I have been writing Chelation Chronicles posts, where I am documenting the ups and downs I’m experiencing as I undertake detox from lead, mercury, and silver poisoning. This is an off-cycle post regarding my third hair test.

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Celebrating Round 100

In this blog post, I am going to provide an overview of my chronic health issues, and reflect on the ways that the Andy Cutler Chelation (ACC) protocol has radically changed my life for the better over the past two years. It is part of an ongoing series related to my chronic health issues. You can read an overview of those health issues, or read the other chelation-related posts too, if you’re interested. I’m using the milestone of Round 100 (or R100, in veteran shorthand) to reflect on where I was before starting ACC, how far I’ve come, and what I think may lay ahead.

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Advancing Research 2020

I’m in a new role at this Rosenfeld Media event; I’ve been co-curating Advancing Research 2020 with Lou Rosenfeld, Abby Covert, and Steve Portigal. So, even though I’m not technically on the hook for tripnotes, I’ve enjoyed having a more relaxed approach to capturing some of the key messages coming out of this event. It might be a little patchy in spots, but I hope you enjoy this rough cut of the event … and please check out the conference website for a link to the curated videos, slides, sketchnotes, and official tripnotes.

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This week I came across a fantastic commercial from Starbucks related to this topic.  It shows a UK teen being called by his deadname repeatedly, until finally he’s asked for his name at Starbucks, and they write his affirmed name on his cup.

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