Increasing Your “Experience Quotient”

How to Identify and Increase your “Experience Quotient”

Patanjali Chary, Vice President of User Experience, Ellie Mae

Even in enterprises with mature design practices, true design execution requires UX leaders to speak and understand the language of business—finance and strategy—and to communicate the impact that superior experiences have on overall business strategy. This talk will demonstrate how models and concepts used by leading management consulting firms help enterprises develop successful design-driven strategies that increase customer value and adoption.

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The Magic Word is Trust

The Magic Word is Trust

Dorelle Rabinowitz, Senior Director, Global Design, PayPal

How do we build genuine relationships with our cross-functional partners? How does that improve decision-making and build honest collaboration? We do it by building our trust muscle! Start by assuming good intentions, and then truly involve everyone in the design process. Working together builds trust and fosters strong relationships. And the more trust we build, the more we are able to have healthy debates, prompting us to better and better solutions. Because we trust that we all want the same results, we can be clear and direct with each other, and finally, we can be brutal prioritizers because we’ve spent a lot of time building our relationships. Trust is magic!

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A Roadmap for Maturing Design

A Roadmap for Maturing Design in the Enterprise

JJ Kercher, Head of Customer Experience, Real Estate, AppFolio

A successful experience design practice will have many familiar characteristics, such as cross-functional relationships, a design system, clearly defined career progression and a seat at the product strategy table. But these realities are rarely achieved all at once and are usually the result of thoughtful evolution as the team grows in people and in practice. This talk will use the UX Maturity model, which highlights an experience design team’s progression from unrecognized to embedded into the fabric of the business, to illustrate how, when, and where to focus incremental efforts towards maturing design in a growing business.

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Enterprise Storytelling 2018

Enterprise Storytelling Sessions

Session Leader: Dan Willis, UX Consultant, Cranky Productions

Every year, dozens of your peers apply to tell their tales of woe, present their big ideas, and just plain rant—each in a five-minute story format. For 2018, we’ve selected these seven brave souls to tell their stories …

  • Chris Chandler, Director of Product Strategy, Philosophie
  • Kim Gausepohl, UX Designer, Rackspace
  • Brianna Koch, User Experience Designer, AppFolio
  • Patrick Leahy, Senior Designer, DesignMap
  • Jesse Livingston, User Experience Researcher, LinkedIn
  • Jana Sedivy, Founder and Principal, Authentic Insight
  • Kit Unger, Director of User Experience, Smartsheet Read More

Innovate with Purpose

Innovate with Purpose

Janaki Kumar, former Vice President and Design Evangelist, office of the Chief Design Officer at SAP Labs.  She is also on the faculty at Stanford, where she teaches customer experience from neuroscience perspective.

Recent advances in AI, ML and robotics have many wondering: Will there be no work left for humans to do? As long as we need to deal with climate change, protect wildlife and fragile ecology, feed the world, end disease, resettle refugees, and educate the next generation, there clearly is plenty of work for us all. The more important question is: Are organizations responsible for delivering returns to their shareholders regardless of social, environmental, and human consequences? The good news is that a new type of organization is emerging, one that delivers not just financial returns but serves the greater good of society they operate in.

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