Leading Through Change

Purvi Shah
Head of Global Strategic Design Operations, Visa

From the DesignOps Summit website:
Change can be difficult no matter which stage of design maturity your company is experiencing. Chances are, you will be in a position of leading through change at some point in your organization’s evolution. This could be a smaller change such as migration to a new process or something bigger such as a large scale transformation effort, as I have been. During this session, I will share some of my own learnings that apply no matter the stage, scale, or change you are championing.

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Design is Not the Frosting on the Scaled Agile Layer Cake

Erin Hauber
Director of Human-Centered Design Practice, USAA

From the DesignOps Summit website:
For many in Design and UX, news that your company or organization is adopting the Scaled Agile Framework can feel like the beginning of the end for fully integrating design and design teams in the software development lifecycle. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I will talk about how Design and Business Agility built a deep and cross-functional partnership at USAA to bake a human-centered approach into the Scaled Agile layer cake resulting in: SAFe Coaches who advocate for design, a Lean Business Case that uncouples business and user outcomes, and a shared definition of value that aligns whole teams on the best outcomes.

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Setting the Table for Dynamic Change

Jacqui Frey
Senior Manager of Design Operations, Mailchimp

Alison Rand
Senior Director, Head of Design Operations, InVision

From the DesignOps Summit website:
Change is the rule, not the exception, and it’s the catalyst for innovation and growth. Design as a discipline is rooted in the process of iteration and change. However, scaling design requires a certain level of preparation in the system for it to be understood, absorbed, and implemented. This process manifests itself in and through Design Operations. In this session, Alison and Jacqui will lead the audience through some interactive exercises to better understand change and outline how DesignOps can help their design orgs navigate ambiguity.

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“Prototype” vs “Prototype”—Breaking Down and Rebuilding Our Understanding of What We Do

Saara Kamppari-Miller
User Experience Design Leader, Intel

From the DesignOps Summit website:
Re-orgs are inevitable, where the first pain point people encounter is terminology clash. It may feel trite to discuss labels when there are bigger issues to tackle, except that words matter. Words represent processes, methodologies, philosophies, and our values. In this talk I’ll share our story of two multi-disciplinary design teams merging into one. Our pain points, and the exercises we used to break down barriers and create a new team framework for talking with each other about what we really do. Learn how to lead your team from affinity diagram to building a bespoke skills wheel self-assessment.

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Transforming Strategic Research Capacity through Democratization

Marjorie Stainback
Research Operations Manager, Fidelity Investments

Kelsey Kingman
Senior User Researcher, Fidelity Investments

From the DesignOps Summit website:
What do you do when you have 8x more designers than user researchers in an organization? Learn how we empowered designers to conduct local-level evaluative research, gave researchers more time to work on global, strategic research, and transformed our user research delivery practice. We will share what key ingredients made our transformation possible and what pitfalls to avoid when bringing research democratization to your own organization.

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