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Design Operations Summit 2017

  • Getting Giants to Dance - In the closing keynote by Stephen Pollard from Arup, we learn about about the massive complexity in airport design. Using a series of studies about Heathrow, we learn about the breadth of teams, skills, and approaches required to do each project better than the last.
  • Making Sense of DesignOps - In this hands on session, attendees broke into small groups and used the beta version of the Design Operations Canvas to explore challenges in their own organizations, or to imagine an ideal future state.
  • Onboarding: The Ecosystem, not the Afterthought - In this presentation, Russ Unger from 18F talks about how to operationalize onboarding while making candidate and new hire experience a priority.
  • Research Operations at Scale - In this presentation, Christian Rohrer from Capital One talks about what it takes to execute research operations at scale.
  • Scaling Design through Relationship Maps - This morning @designopssummit, we heard from @michaelpolivka about using Relationship Maps -
  • Design Systems & Documentation - In this panel, we hear from teams who are bringing Design Operations to companies and teams with a strong Operations culture.
  • Learning from Jazz Improv - We have live music at @designopssummit ! Through this session, we've learned what improvisational jazz can teach us about design and design operations.
  • Learning from Operations - In this panel discussion, we discuss what Design Operations can learn from operations work in other fields.
  • The Many Faces of Operations - In this @designopssummit presentation by Crystal Philcox, we learn how working in a complex and rigid government context can inform our work in design operations -
  • This Game is Never Done - In this presentation, Sense of Wonder CEO Erin Hoffman-John shares her experiences from the world of online gaming, and what that might mean for the future of design operations -

Enterprise UX Conference 2017

  • More EUX stuff - One of the many fun things about the Enterprise UX conference is that quite a few of the attendees are active on Slack.  Through that channel, there was additional content and many interesting ideas shared over the course of the conference.  I collected some of the ones I thought would be most relevant to a […]
  • Creating a Legacy - Creating a Legacy: The Ultimate Experience Mark Templeton (former President and CEO, Citrix Systems, Inc.) Abstract from the EUX website: The ultimate user experience is the one that’s invisible—it’s unexplained magic—like a gift without a special occasion. When the magic lasts, retained in the heart, beyond the memory of who created them, that’s a true […]
  • Creating a Legacy (panel) - Theme 4: Creating a Legacy Theme Leader: Colette Vardeman (Executive Director of Design, USAA) Abstract from the EUX website: What factors ensure the growth and sustainability of enterprise UX—or indicate trouble ahead? How can we inoculate ourselves against factors that kill enterprise UX teams and practices? How do we craft a multi-decade vision for ourselves and our […]
  • Transcending Silos - Theme 3: Transcending Silos Theme Leader: Toby Haug (Head of Design & Co-Innovation Center, EMEA at SAP) Abstract from the EUX website: Our work impacts other partners within our organizations, and our success depends on them as much as vice versa. To operationalize UX throughout the enterprise, you’ll need to have tough conversations with stakeholders in HR, […]
  • Enterprise Storytelling - Enterprise Storytelling Session Coordinator: Dan Willis, UX Consultant, Cranky Productions A Story about Stories Jana Sedivy (Principal, Authentic Insight) Megan is a happy vivacious child.  But she got a cold with a bad cough … and one day it got so bad she couldn’t breathe.  Her mom drove her to the ER, but she had stopped […]
  • Leading Teams that Execute - Theme 2: Leading Teams that Execute Theme Leader: Phillip Hunter (Head of UX, Amazon Alexa Skills) Abstract from the EUX website: Design leaders need to do more than hire, train, and mentor great craftspeople. They must get people to work together as an interdisciplinary team, bound by a shared vision of what a successful enterprise […]
  • Crafting Enterprise Experiences - Crafting Enterprise Experiences Theme Leader: Theresa Neil (Owner of Strategy + Design) Abstract from the EUX website: The enterprise setting forces us to redefine what “good” design means. We’ll explore how unique factors like complexity, scale, and lack of control can impact our craft and completely change our expectations. Theresa Neil introduced the panel and […]
  • Exploring cadence - Exploring Cadence: You, Your Team, and Your Enterprise Elizabeth Churchill (Director of User Experience, Google) Abstract from the Enterprise UX 2017 website: Time is always on our minds in very practical ways—apportioning it for various projects, creating and prioritizing tasks, calendaring, and tracking deadlines and deliverables. Time does, however, have more abstract qualities that require […]

Enterprise UX Conference 2016

  • Summary of EUX16 - In June 2016, I attended the second annual Enterprise UX conference.  I was energized both by the presenters and by the ensuing dialogue!  I met many people leading teams and/or doing work that was very similar to what my teams do, so I am looking forward to attending the conference again this year.  It is […]
  • Making sense of Enterprise UX - The closing keynote was entitled Making Sense of Enterprise UX, presented by John Maeda John Maeda is a modern renaissance man.  He is merging technology, business, and design – as well as art.  In addition to his dual degree from MIT in engineering and computer science, he has a PhD in Design from Tsukuba University in Japan, […]
  • Software as material - I’m so glad that the Enterprise User Experience Conference blog posts that I’ve written so far have gotten some good visibility.  It was a great event! But for those that actually attended, they may be wondering why I haven’t blogged the keynote addresses.  I will confess that I had intended to sketchnote them!  I did, indeed, […]
  • The politics of innovation - The Thursday afternoon session was entitled The Politics of Innovation, facilitated by Richard Dalton. These presentations were also a pleasure, but I appreciated them for a very different reason than I did the morning session.  These presentations before the closing keynote represented the penultimate stage that Greg Petroff described in his opening keynote, which to me was […]
  • Designing design systems - On the second day of Enterprise UX 2016, the session was about Designing Design Systems, facilitated by Jack Moffett. Jack is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon, and works for a Boeing subsidiary now.  He is also the author of a recent book about the collaboration between engineering and design.  The topic of design systems has emerged in conversations throughout […]
  • Growing talent & teams - The focus of the afternoon sessions was Growing UX Talent and Teams, facilitated by  Susan Worthman Susan is a business design strategist from California College of the Arts (CCA).  She teaches in the DMBA (in Design Strategy and Strategic Foresight) program, and also works with the Leading by Design fellows program. She has been working at the […]
  • Storytelling - I truly enjoyed and learned from all the sessions at the Enterprise UX conference today.  But as Maya Angelou says: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. For me, these storytelling sessions had the most emotional impact […]
  • When everyone is your user - I just finished the first day of the Enterprise UX conference, and I’m just bursting to share all the ideas and insights and inspiration from my time here! #EUX16 is being held in the lovely city of San Antonio, and the conference hotel is right on the River Walk, shown here by day and by night: For the […]

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