I’ve written close to 200 blog posts now, and as I continue to write, I have realized that older (but often still relevant) content gets lost deep in the archives.  I hope these pages will help you discover some of the topics I may not cover as frequently, as well as some of my old favorites.  

Enterprise User Experience.  I’ve been live-blogging Rosenfeld Media conferences for the past few years, so that represents the majority of the current content that appears here.  However, I have been working in this space for most of my career, so some of these posts date back to the early days of my blog (2005).

Health Issues.  In these posts, I describe the challenges of living with an autoimmune disease, as well as the interventions I’ve sought in order to heal.  It’s not doctor’s advice, but the posts have been well received – these are the most visited pages on my blog.

Presentations.  A collection from various conferences and events over the years.  Since 2016 I have been recording my talks; I use the audio to create voice-over videos of my slides, and to transcribe the talk for the hearing impaired.

Press.  These are interviews I’ve done with bloggers or podcasters interested in my perspective on anthropology, design, and user experience.

Reading.  I love to read; I often struggle to stop reading long enough to write!  These posts are about materials that have influenced my thinking as an anthropologist working in UX.

Thought Leadership.  These are posts in which I have articulated original ideas, or combined ideas in new ways that I’m particularly proud of.

Travel.  These are blog posts and photographs from my travels, mainly in Asia.

A complete archive (within WordPress limitations) is available as well.

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