I travel for work (both in the US and abroad), but I no longer have the time to deeply immerse myself in other cultures.  That’s in part because my primary responsibility is not as a researcher anymore.  Nonetheless, when I do travel, I take great pleasure in taking pictures both to record my experiences and as a creative pursuit.  A few of my most memorable trips are linked below.  

I also chronicle some of my more mundane travels – including many family trips to the vibrant and varied blue waters of of Lake Michigan – on my Tumblr site, faeriewigs.  



In my role at ZS Associates, I travel to Pune and Delhi to visit team members and leaders there. Occasionally I have a trip that bridges a weekend, and in those cases my team members have been gracious guides and hosts. Because my undergraduate degree was in Religion & Biblical Literature (with a focus on the traditions of the Indian subcontinent), I really enjoy the opportunity to experience the culture firsthand.  I wrote a post about my visit to some of the temples around Pune.  I also posted some photos of the new Mumbai airport and a purification ceremony at a co-workers house on my Tumblr site, faeriewigs.



In 2010, I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo for the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference (EPIC). It was such a pleasure to travel with other anthropologists and once again learn and explore another part of the world. The Japan tag captures some of my favorite images and moments from that trip.


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As part of my Masters degree in Whole Systems Design, I traveled to Bali Indonesia in 1993. I lived in the compound of a family that owned the Anoman Weaving Factory, which produced handwoven ikat fabric. It was my first real immersion experience in a foreign culture, and one that ultimately led me to the field of Anthropology. Pictures and some excerpts from my fieldnotes are available using the Bali tag.


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In 1991, I traveled to mainland China with some of the classmates from the graduate program I was attending at Antioch University Seattle. It was my first experience in a third-world country, and it was life-altering for me. We spent nearly a month there, during which time we saw the sites in and around Beijing, traveled by overnight train to Seattle’s sister city Chongqing, and then back to Shanghai. I shot 24 rolls of film (yes, it was a long time ago!), and as an impoverished graduate student it was months until I had enough money to develop them all properly. I’ve collected some of my favorite images into a few blog posts, which you can explore using the China tag.

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