Beautiful Things

When I have the time, I do like to make beautiful things that aren’t edible, including photographs and jewelry.

My first love was seed beading, the tiny glass beads that are used by Native Americans to adorn their traditional garments.  I have been smitten since I was first exposed to themthrough the YMCA Indian Princesses program that I attended with my father during elementary school.  In college I learned to weave bracelets and larger pieces, and then began exploring a variety of other stitches like flat and circular peyote.  I also learned how to crochet with beads, so that I could recreate a beautiful necklace that belonged to my paternal grandmother.

nat_beadsBefore my partner and I had kids, I splurged on a vacation week at the Bead & Button show, and one of the introductory classes I took gave me the glass bead-making bug.  I absolutely love it, and I have spent many hours mesmerized by the intensity of the torch and the meditation that molten glass provides.


I went through a period when I was a little obsessed about collecting beautiful images and great ideas with Pinterest.  You can learn more about that in my blog post on Digital Hoarding, and visit my pinboards if you like.