Autoimmunity & Health

9crrl89kiI have struggled with health issues since my kids were born.  After six or seven years of rapidly declining health, I started aggressively looking for medical guidance, but it took me three years and fifteen doctors to finally get my Hashimoto’s Disease diagnosis.  Hashis is an auto-immune condition which often comes with a constellation of other issues (which was the case for me).

Getting my life back has been a multi-year effort.  I have chronicled my learnings and experience on this blog.  Here is a quote from my first blog post about why:

One of the reasons I felt particularly compelled to make my experience public is because an estimated 75% of those with autoimmune conditions are women, and 90% of those diagnosed with Hashimoto’s are women.  And 45% of women who approach doctors describing symptoms like mine are handled dismissively, and told that what they’re experiencing is in their heads, or that their fatigue is the reality of being a working mom.  As a result, as many as 60% of people suffering are undiagnosed.

Although sometimes it feels like I am revealing too much on the personal front, I share with the hope that others will gain the understanding and the help they need to advocate for themselves.