Happy Holidays 2022

I am long overdue for an update here, and I hope to get to that in Q1. My health really took a serious downturn, and I haven’t had much energy or clarity to write.

But, after three months of medical leave and finally, FINALLY getting some answers about my health, I am back at work and focused full time on UX consulting now.

I love my work and I am blessed with an amazing team – they are talented and so thoughtful! I had small gifts arriving at my house throughout December, and it was fun to unwrap them a bit at a time.

I would say the little infuser is my favorite, because it smells amazing and it’s fun to look at.

The succulents were cute, but they shipped during that cold snap where it was minus 30F with the windchill. Needless to say they did not fare well!

But I like my new laptop case (with the Picasso quote):

And a shirt signaling how our field can solve tough problems. 🙂

But the absolute best is definitely the notes of appreciation from my team, which is framed and hanging in my home office. 💜💕

I hope this new year will be filled with good health, joy, and peace for us all. Happy Holidays!

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