Chelation Chronicles – 1H 2018


I’ve been noodling a lot on the Andy Cutler Chelation (ACC) protocol that I wrote about in February.  I have been compulsively reading both the adult and kids’ pages on Facebook for months.  The more I reflect on my health history, the more it becomes clear that all my worse moments in the past few years have been tied to my teeth:

  • In 2010 after having seven fillings badly removed, I had post-partum
  • In 2013 after having two fillings badly removed, I was diagnosed with Hashis
  • I have been detoxing incorrectly since late Summer 2017, and feeling like hell

I finally realized that I just need to get started, and continue on the journey to reclaim my life and my health. My parents are a little concerned that I’ve joined a cult (or that I’ve lost my mind), because I’m ordering chelation agents from South Africa. But with the support of the patient communities, I’m growing increasingly confident that this is the right path for me, and for my littles too.

So, I finally started the Andy Cutler Chelation (ACC) protocol.  In this post, I will document my experiences for the first six months, so people can get a sense of what this journey is like. Not sure if I will continue beyond that – we’ll see.The title of this post is inspired by one of the ACC admins. He and his brother were both severely poisoned, but with Andy’s support they are starting to get their lives back. One of the brothers episodically updates a running post where he talks about his journey, including the learnings, the setbacks, the gains.  He and many of the admins give an extraordinary amount of time to help this growing community learn the basics and begin to detox.

This post is also inspired by a book I have mentioned before, Eileen Baird’s book about reintroductions on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). In that book she provides sample journal entries that were so simple and so real, it made the whole process much more clear for me.

I hope a similar post will help others learn about ACC and begin to use this protocol (if it’s the right thing for them). So here we go … !


5 February.  I found an IAOMT, SMART-certified dentist, and I had my consultation today.  I have to have my one gigantic mercury filling removed, and one crown lifted. Thankfully my old dentist did bitewing x-rays after filling removal and before placing crowns, so I know those two crowns are clean underneath. It is still going to cost a fortune for the remaining teeth, since our insurance only covers one crown a year, and I’m having two (one new, one replacement).

I discussed my health history with the dentist, she checked my teeth, and she proposed a step-wise plan to get all the work done.  She walked me through the procedure (especially all the safeguards), showed me the equipment, and patiently answered my ten thousand questions.  She also ordered the Clifford Dental Materials Reactivity Test for me.  I had my blood draw before heading into work, so we’ll know which materials are compatible by the time I go back to have my last filling properly removed and replaced.

I have some travel coming up in late February / early March, so it will be some time before I can the work done. Although I am still anxious, I am glad to be working with someone that I like and trust. And I am very relieved to have a plan.

10 February.  Apparently I was super stressed in the days leading up to my dentist appointment. My eye was a bit red and itchy, but now I have burst so many blood vessels in my left eye that there is no white showing. It’s absolutely disgusting, so I’ll spare you a photo. But it is very immediate biofeedback on my stress levels. I need to calm down.

hair test

19 February.  I received my hair test results via email today.  It’s no surprise that I have lead and mercury poisoning, but it’s good to have confirmation using the test recommended by the ACC protocol.

One of the really important things I’ve learned is that the hair test levels of lead and mercury are not necessarily indicative of how poisoned you are; our bodies try to protect us by storing mercury in our organs and in fat, and lead in our bones. Thus, if the numbers at the top of the test are high, it may be recent exposure that needs to be addressed before chelation.

The bottom half of the test (which shows how your mineral transport system) is the most important. Andy Cutler developed “counting rules” based on his statistical analysis of thousands of these tests; these are explained in detail in his Hair Test book. However, for the mercury addled, the ACC admins on Facebook and Yahoo! help people read their results so they know how to proceed. I posted my results and got some helpful inputs about supplementation that I will incorporate into my routine before I start chelation.

21 February. Since I now have a plan around my dental work, I decided to take the plunge and order the chelation agents from Living Supplements. I want to be able to start four days after my last filling comes out, and it could take a month or more for everything to arrive from South Africa.  I need DMSA for the lead, so I decided to order three bottles of DMSA 6.25 mg, and one of DMSA 12.5 mg. If I do three-day rounds, each bottle will last five weeks, so the next time I order I can include ALA.  Progress.

26 February.  I had my giant mercury filling removed today. My appointment was at 7 am, but since the dentist is over an hour from my house, my day started at 5 am. I really thought my heart would explode out of my chest from the stress and anticipation.  Thankfully, the dentist and her staff are nice and appear to be super competent.

I wanted to get a picture of the setup, and in retrospect I regret that I didn’t ask. It was intense! I swished some charcoal water, and also drank some (to absorb anything that might hit my digestive tract).  In Illinois, dentists aren’t allowed to do Vitamin C IV, so I will just take a bunch when I get home.  I sat in a regular dentist’s chair, but my head was completely covered with something that looked like a ski mask, but looser.  I had on safety glasses, a thin gown over my clothes, plus a blanket and then a waterproof cover over all of that. I was wearing safety glasses, a huge dental dam (at least 12×12 inches), and then an oxygen mask. There was a giant flexible vacuum hose (about 4-5 inches in diameter) in front of my face, sucking the fumes out of the room. I was instructed to breathe in and out through my nose to minimize exposure to the gasses from the drilling.

Needless to day, seeing how seriously they took the amalgam removal was really sobering. I can’t believe I had so many fillings removed (multiple times in my life) without all these precautions! When she finally told me that they were done drilling and that the x-ray was clear of any amalgam specks, I just cried in the chair.

The tooth needs a crown, so it’s not all done.  But I am so relieved to be rid of that poison in my mouth. It feels like the beginning of a journey, and I am once again finding myself hopeful in spite of all I have in front of me.


3 March. I just got more bad news on the health front. I received my DNAConnexions lab results today, and I tested positive for Lyme and two co-infections. I am feeling more discouraged and overwhelmed than ever before. I just don’t know how I’m going to press on. I knew Hashis was manageable with food, and I was feeling confident – excited even – that I had a path forward to address heavy metals. Lyme is synergistic with the metals, and many of the symptoms I attribute to lead and mercury poisoning could be Lyme, too. My neck, back, and down into my hips is so achey. I am deeply tired, and how I’m feeling at the moment makes my Hashis symptoms seem like a walk in the park. All the confidence and energy and forward focus I have is crushed.

4 March. I took a mental health day today. I don’t think I’ve done that in at least ten years. I just can’t face the rest of my life at the moment, and I need some time to regroup and get myself together. I have joined a bunch of Lyme-related patient communities on Facebook, and the most obvious thing I’ve learned is that antibiotics only work shortly after you’re bitten (within the first two months). So, the healing path is definitely going to be herbal / botanical. The patient communities are super informative, but also really depressing. The sickest people end up there, and it is emotionally draining to read the endless bad news about everything they’ve tried that hasn’t worked, how hard it is to find an LLMD (Lyme Literate MD) as well as some of the terrifying symptoms as / if the disease progresses. Although I am glad to be better informed, I have to get back to work so I don’t keep reading all of this!

dmsa9 March.  My Living Supplements package arrived today – way ahead of schedule!  I wanted it to be here shortly after I finished my dental work, but now it’s here.  I’ll be ready to go four days after my dental work is done.

16 March. I had a doctor’s appointment today to review my lab data and talk about next steps for managing Lyme. My doctor explained about Lyme (burgdorferi) and the two co-infections (bartonella, borrelia recurrentis). She explained how Lyme and parasites are synergistic with metals, so we do need to address all of it.  Although she is not totally on board with ACC, she has read some of what I sent her, so hopefully we’ll find a way to develop an agreeable treatment plan together.

For once I have managed to avoid consulting Dr. Google. I know that some of the symptoms of Lyme are terrifying (including brain damage and death), and right now I just can’t absorb any more bad news.  All I can think about is whether I can still increase my life insurance policy so my family is protected if something really bad happens to me.

I have to get blood work done this week (T-cell count), and also a urine test for kryptopyrroluria to determine how the Lyme is affecting my overall toxicity.  Thankfully, my doctor agrees that we should be focused on botanicals and not antibiotics.  Exactly what that program looks like remains to be seen, as many protocols seem to have things like chlorella, cilantro, and glutathione that are contraindicated by ACC.

At my request, my doctor also prescribed low-dose naltextrone (LDN).  It is an immuno-suppressant that I’ve been reading about online.  I didn’t want to take it unless things were really bad, but I think the time is now.  I hope it will help calm my system down so I can function, eat additional foods, and focus on my healing.  It takes quite a bit of time to titrate up to the recommended dose (from 2.0 mg to 4.5 mg, increasing by only .5 mg each month).  Nonetheless, I am looking forward to getting started.

I am emotionally exhausted from all things health-related, and really looking forward to Spring Break.

17 March.  Some time ago I realized we really need to know if the boys got lead and mercury poisoning from me in utero.  Apparently Lyme passes that way too – what a nightmare for all of us.  What if they are not autistic and ADHD at all, but toxic?  It seems likely to me, and the parent stories (from the book Fight Autism and Win. 2nd edition, Weebly, and Facebook) lead me to believe that all of our lives could change drastically if we chelate the kids, too.  I feel so blessed that we made the decision to spread their vaccines out, even if it cost us way more.  I can’t imagine what we’d be dealing with, otherwise.

It’s not that anything has to change – I love them the way they are.  But we do have our share of hardships, too.  All the negotiating with their schools on IEPs (special needs services) and 504s (accommodations) is enough to cause a heart attack for any concerned parent – and we’re in an inclusive and supportive school district.  What if we could take them off their meds?  What if they lost their intolerance to gluten and dairy, or they were willing to eat different foods?  The list goes on …  So, when the boys got their hair cut today, I collected it for the hair test.  I know I drove the poor lady bonkers, hovering around while she was cutting, and I don’t really like how short their hair is at the moment.  But I really feel like I need to know.  Though, in reality we already know the answer.  I just want concrete next steps on what we are dealing with.

19 March. So, that tooth that had the giant amalgam filling is not doing so well.  At my dentist appointment this morning, I asked her not to put on the permanent crown, because I still can’t bite down on anything without discomfort. I got the name of an endodontist (a dentist who specializes in root canals), and I am going to see what he recommends.  If the root canal fails I will have to look into an implant (with an oral surgeon).  I am really hoping this resolves on its own.  It is one of those days where I know I have too much on my plate, and I am at the breaking point.  I’m trying my best not to freak out about my health, and still keep everything moving at work.  What I want to do is curl up under my desk and suck my thumb.

24 March. We are headed out of town for Spring Break. I am hoping that a change from the routine will do me some good. I will have lots of time for research, and I’m really hoping that some time in the Florida sunshine will also improve my spirits.

29 March.  Last day of Spring Break, and now that I’ve had some time to relax, I’m starting to get real about getting home and having to deal with health issues again.  I put together a chelation schedule for myself that works well with my current sleep and medication schedule at the moment.  I’m going to take DMSA at 1 am, 5 am (when I normally get up for work), 9 am, 1 pm, 5 pm, 9 pm.  I set up the alarms on my phone for Friday – Sunday.  It feels really manageable, and I’m kind of excited to get started.

30 March.  We’re back from Spring Break.  It was so great to be away.

I think the LDN has kicked in at least a little because my mood is better – I am not so despairing as I was just a week ago.  This morning I woke up at 5 am and decided to start chelating.  I popped a pill and turned on all the alarms I created on my phone.  I’m excited to be finally doing something! 

31 March. I got my Quest Labs data back from my physician today. It turns out that the CD57 test is a T-Cell count, and ideally it should be over 100. Mine is 72. Obviously my immune system is seriously compromised, which is (at least in part) contributing why I am so tired and down in the dumps.  I’m glad we have a baseline; now we just need to figure out what my Lyme treatment program will look like.

I did a whole bunch of sauna research over Spring Break, and then eventually realized I was just going around in circles. I just don’t know enough about the science to truly compare the specifications across companies.  I also can’t find comprehensible scientific research about whether full spectrum or near infrared (NIR) is better, though NIR is clearly in vogue with functional medicine practitioners at the moment.  We found out that we are going to get a good tax return, so we just decided to buy one.  We’re ordering a one person sauna from Heavenly Heat.  It’s full spectrum, plus I added a near infrared light in the ceiling of the unit.  I can’t say it was significantly better than the others, but I liked the the layout of the sauna itself, the low-key sales approach, and the ability to make small modifications.  It should be here in 4-6 weeks, so hopefully I’ll have time to get used to it before the dump hits.


1 April.  About twelve hours after the end of my first round, I got a raging headache.  I am at work with a ton of work to do, so I have to find a way to get functional in a hurry.  Based on some recommendations from the patient community, I ordered Feverfew and Butterbur for next time.

I’m pounding the aspirin from the First Aid cabinet, and doing my best to put one foot in front of the other.  If this continues, I may have to seriously rethink my chelation schedule – chelate during the week, and recover on the weekends.  It will be hard on my family, but I can’t continue to come to work in this state and do my job well.  Once again, I am trying not to panic.

IMG_07122 April.  I went to see the endodontist after work today.  After examining the tooth he recommended a root canal, which he had time to do immediately.  Even though some people are fanatical about avoiding them, I don’t want a gap in my teeth, nor do I want an implant.  I have never had issues with root canal, so I decided to go for it.  I will say, however, that the office was a little slice of hell for me.  I hate dental work, and my mercury exposure has only made it worse. But the procedure itself wasn’t bad, and I’m hoping the discomfort resolves now.

5 April.  We got the kids’ hair test results back, and they are both toxic.  My oldest (10) clearly has mercury poisoning, along with other things like antimony, arsenic, and more.  My youngest (8) doesn’t look quite as toxic at first glance, but his mineral transport is even more deranged.  His adrenals are also taxed, which I suspected as well.  The oldest has lead poisoning, which tells me something about when my lead exposure occurred.  I was hoping to only do ALA for the kids, but I guess it isn’t going to be that easy, unfortunately.  I am starting to research the Essential 4 (E4) for them on the Facebook ACC community for detoxing kids, and trying not to beat myself up too much in the process.

I am beyond words.  I knew this would be the outcome, and yet when I see those damn hair tests, I feel so much pain and grief I don’t know if I can bear it.

In case that wasn’t enough, the tooth with the root canal is still bothering me, so I made an appointment to meet with the endodontist after work today. He says that the tooth was not cracked, and that he believes it may just take a bit longer to heal. He made some adjustments to my bite (on the temporary crown). Hopefully that combined with my new nightguard will give it time to heal.

6 April.  I met with my doctor (a functional medicine practitioner) today.  She wants to make some adjustments to my vitamins while we wait for urine test results.  She sent me a link to the botanical program she likes, but it has chlorella in it, so that would be a no.  She doesn’t like that I’m on the Adrenal Cortex (ACE), and she is really not happy that I started chelation.  But, she hasn’t said she’ll stop working with me.  I took a look at the bottle of DMSA that she prescribed for me last year (250 mg pills), and I calculated that I have enough DMSA in those two bottles to chelate at my current dose for three years.  That put the low-and- slow ACC approach into perspective for me, that’s for sure.

7 April.  I did my second round of 6.25 mg DMSA (Thursday to Saturday) this week and it was completely uneventful. I had a ton of energy, I felt great, I was in an amazing mood the whole time. Now I truly understand what people mean when they say they feel better on round than off.

EbullientI love that word, and that’s how I feel at the moment. 

It’s hard to imagine with everything I have going on that I feel lucky, but I do.  I am so grateful for Andy Cutler’s work, and for the community admins that make it possible for us to use his protocol and adapt it to improve our own health.  Screw Lyme disease, I think I’m on to something with this detox.  I know, I know – famous last words.  Still, I am feeling so hopeful at the moment!  Damn, these past few months have been an effing rollercoaster ride.  Here’s hoping things even out.

11 April.  I received four boxes from Amazon today – an assortment of E4 supplements to try with the kids.  We have already had good success with the Kirkman Vitamin C (flavored), and we’re starting to raise the dose for the kids.  We are still trying to find Magnesium, Vitamin E, and Zinc that they will tolerate.  At the dinner table, we made a game of trying all the different ones.  The Magnesium from Kirkman was ok (it just tastes like sugar water).  The kids drank it before brushing their teeth tonight.  Tomorrow we are going to try Natural Calm (plain and/or raspberry) to see if they like it better.  The Vitamin E oil is just a little greasy, but the dose is small, so we can put it on / in their food and it will be easy.

I think Zinc will be the hardest – and from what I’ve read, we’ll do it last because it can be challenging to find one that works.  One brand smelled good but tasted a little gross.  The second one was absolutely disgusting, and I made a big joke about it, which got us all laughing.  It’s great to be on this journey together – I am not sure what I would do without the support of my family.

12 April.  Today I placed another order from Living Supplements.  I am gearing up to raise my dose, plus I thought I should order the ALA I need so I am ready for that (with time to spare, of course).  I posted to Facebook and got some good advice about how / when to raise DMSA versus ALA, and more.

13 April.  Stephanie’s hair test results arrived by email today.  She is toxic too, with lead, mercury, and silver.  So, we are all really in this together now. She is fully on board with chelating herself and the kids. I am really glad we are moving forward in a united way on this – some people really struggling to get family support, and I am grateful that’s not the case for me.

17 April. My third round (Thursday 1 am to Saturday 1 am) was uneventful. I was positive and had good energy. But today (about 36 hours after the round) my energy completely tanked. I took two ACE around 4 pm, and found myself eating anything I could get my hands on – low blood sugar / adrenal stress, I guess. While supplementing for redistribution, I also (re)learned what taking Vitamin C to bowel tolerance means.  Ugh.

I am trying to decide whether I want to keep the dose the same, raise it, or try to do a longer round. A recent post suggests raising the dose is better than longer rounds, so there’s that to consider. I am also thinking I may want to chelate during the week, because I’ve had a rough couple of days at work. Today is Tuesday and my next round won’t start until Thursday, so I have a few days to figure it out. Stay tuned …

19 April. I have a big event coming up at work next week, so I realized it’s not a good time to raise my dose, as tempting as that is.  Instead, I am going to do a four day round starting tonight (Friday 1 am to Monday 1 am), and see how that goes.  That pushes my re-distribution window to Wednesday-Thursday, after this work event is done.  I wouldn’t mind chelating during the week, but if we are going to start with the kids we have to do theirs from Friday to Monday.  I don’t want to be getting up 7 nights a week if I can avoid it, especially if it takes us a couple of years to get the lead out.

I want to do something to give back to the ACC community.  I try to respond to newbie posts when I can, but I am also working on a content inventory and analysis to help re-organize and rename the files on Facebook, so people can find what they need more easily.  Hopefully the admins will like my proposal and I can help them it implemented.

25 April.  The four day round was a non-event.  The last few doses were a little tricky because I had a work trip in a different time zone, but I got through it without any mistakes, and I wasn’t any more tired than usual.  I got a headache ~20 hours after the end of the round (in the past rounds it was 36 hours).  But I did forget to pack my extra doses of Vitamin C so that may be why.  The only other weird symptom was deep aches in my upper legs the day after the round.  I sometimes get that around my period, and I wonder if in this case it is lead coming out of my bones.  I took a couple of aspirin, took a ton of Vitamin C when I arrived home last night, and I feel fine today.  I think I am going to raise the dose this weekend!


3 May. I had such a positive round that I posted to Facebook today:

I am posting today to inspire the newbies that are nervous about getting started!

I just finished Round 5 at 6.25 mg. I choose that because I have lead and mercury poisoning, and because I have been through hell in the past few months with all the wrong treatments (glutathione, chlorella, ridiculously high doses of DMSA).

The first four rounds were ok, though something was less than ideal about each one. Each week I learned and made small changes with guidance from the admins here. I now take Vitamin C more frequently, I added Milk Thistle (for liver support) with each meal, I added Stinging Nettle support (for kidney support, my doctor’s recommendation), and Caprylic Acid because I was worried about some itchy spots on my neck (which have since resolved). I am up to 10 ACE a day (4-3-3), and that seems to be working well for me.

The past few weeks I tried four day rounds, because the redistribution days were hard. It was all bearable – I had (treatable) headaches and fatigue – but bad enough that I knew raising the dose was not the right decision.

My round this week was terrific – I feel *so good*! I feel better than I have in ages. Yesterday someone described feeling euphoric, I would agree. I feel so hopeful. I had *no* redistribution symptoms off round. I even took a hooky day with my kids and took them to the zoo. They were like “who is this lady?!” LOL.

My kids are now on the Core 4 and I’m going to get them started in a few weeks. I just ordered a Capsule Machine so I can make 2.5 mg capsules and raise my dose in the coming weeks.

This group is so amazing and supportive. I run a few online communities myself, so I really appreciate how exceptional this one is. Very grateful for Andy Cutler and the admins who carry on his legacy for the rest of us. [tagged admins who have answered my questions] — feeling blessed.

11 May.  I am in the midst of Round 6 at the moment. Time flies! In principle I could have raised the dose, but I don’t have the dosage I need to increase 50%. So, I decided I would take the 250 mg capsules I have left over from my doctor and make my own 2.5 mg capsules. I ordered a capsule maker and ascorbic acid for filler, but work has been nuts this week, so I haven’t had enough down time to really understand and execute on that. Maybe I will do it this weekend if I continue to feel good. For whatever reason I am not feeling the urgency, because every round is still progress and the current disruption is so minimal. Stephanie met with the dentist and has appointments to have her fillings removed. She and the kids are a few weeks into the Essential 4. The oldest (DS10) especially seems ready to try chelation.

We also had an electrician come to the house this week to create a standalone 20 amp circuit for the sauna in the basement. That will be done next week so we will be ready when it arrives.

With our remaining tax return we are also ordering a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter for the kitchen, and maybe even a whole house filter (just for chlorine and fluoride) for the rest of the house.

In another week I will raise my LDN dose again. I can’t point to any specific changes, but my overall well being has improved. In addition, all the physical aches and dark mood that I attributed to Lyme seem to have calmed down for the moment.

In the meantime, Stephanie is starting to change her supplements, too. She was on the Core 4 already, but she is raising her doses. Her hair test results pointed to low adrenals, so she started to introduce some ACE, and she feels amazing – better than she has in years. We realized that she is a fast metabolizer, so her body has probably been under strain trying to push the mercury out. If she wasn’t convinced about ACC before, she is now.

The most recent issue of the Weston Price Foundation journal is about mercury symptoms and treatment. I ordered a bunch of copies to give away to people I know that are also struggling with health issues. I know that Weston Price is not mainstream by a long stretch, but it’s still really great to see others talking about this epidemic and the ACC.

making-capsules12 May.  I have had a few uneventful weeks of chelation so I am getting ready to raise my dose.  My DS10 helped me make small (3.125 mg) DMSA capsules with The Capsule Machine so I can raise my dose by 50% for my next round.  Here he is loading the empty capsules in for me, while I stir DMSA and Asorbic Acid together to fill them up.

22 May.  Last night I finished Round 8 at the higher dose – 6.25 mg capsules from Living Supplements, plus the 3.125 mg ones I made myself.  I am waiting to see what the next few days of redistribution bring … hopefully nothing!

31 May. No redistribution issues at all this week, though I have had my fair share of food related issues. I had at least one histamine flare that caused me to be tired and put on a few pounds, and then I had another day where I thought a headache was starting. I took Alka Seltzer Gold and it dissipated.

I did all the math to calculate the kids ALA doses, and confirmed with the ACC admins that we should not worry about the lead. We are planning to start them them this weekend.


1 June. ALA is dosed in three hour increments, so I have to change my current four-hour DMSA dosing schedule to line up with the kids. Apparently it’s no big deal for me to drop to three-hour dosing, but I did that more than 24 hours into the round, which is not recommended. I hope it goes ok.

I spent a lot of time reading ACC archives and deliberating on our schedule. When you are doing ALA and DMSA together there are a few options:

  1. Dose DMSA at four hours and ALA at three. Not practical.
  2. Dose three hours during the day and four hours at night. Not ideal because you’re dosing at a different time teach day – I would lose my mind just getting the alarms set up!
  3. Dose 2:45 hours during the day and 3:45 hours at night. This allows for the same schedule every day of the round and longer rest periods at night. But times are hard to remember ..
  4. Dose both at three hours.

I opted for the last option, because it was the simplest. Looking at the kids school and camp schedule, my schedule, etc. we decided for 2 am, 5 am, 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm, 11 pm. DS10 is going to do pills, and DS9 is going to do the Dr’s Formulated Liquid ALA.

I set up all the new alarms on my iPhone, and new nighttime alarms on my FitBit watch, too. With the new schedule I have to be up more times during the night, and I can’t just roll over, pop a pill, and go back to sleep because we have to get up for both kids. I am not looking forward to the changes in that regard, though I am looking forward to starting chelation with the kids.

Late yesterday I also got an email saying that our sauna is complete and it has shipped. Right now I feel like I have my hands full getting the kids started and making my own switch to ALA (in just a few weeks). So, I am excited it’s coming but I am not sure I have the bandwidth for and more experiments at this point.

2 June. We gave the kids their first doses of ALA at 5 pm yesterday. And we survived our first night of chelating the kids. The waking up and having to get out of bed was really tough – I am not sure how / if I can do that for a year or two. I am going to revisit scheduling option #3 to see if we can choose arrive at an option where we get more sleep. But the kids seem to be doing fine – thankfully, they barely woke up for the nighttime dosing, which is what the ACC parents board said would happen. DS10 can swallow the pills with a bit of water (he can’t do the liquid due to fructose intolerance), and DS9 doesn’t seem to mind the flavor of the liquid ALA. I set the daytime alarms on their phones, so that everyone feels some sense of ownership over making this work.

I am also wondering if I’m tired from the change to three hour dosing. I don’t feel bad, just super fatigued. I’m glad we are on our way, but right now all I can think about is when I can make time for a nap today!

14 June.  It’s been three months since last filling was removed, so I was really hoping to start ALA this round. Unfortunately, work has been crazy and it just doesn’t feel like the right time to do something new. In addition to super long working hours, I have two back-to-back weeks of travel to California, which means chelating across time zones. I don’t want to add anything else to the mix right now.

16 June. I haven’t been the sauna as much as I would like, but I did manage to squeeze in a session today and it felt really good. Hopefully when I get back from vacation I can do a better job of managing my calendar, and start to use it more. I would like to work up to longer sessions, because it so relaxing.

26 June. I am really tired. All the travel is catching up with me, and I’m sure the time zone changes aren’t helping. I have been taking more ACE than usual – a lot more. I have been taking it at 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm. All doses were three pills except the late afternoon which was two. Now I am up to four with each dose. It is definitely keeping me afloat this point. I have felt like chelating is harder since moving to three hour dosing, unfortunately. I am a little worried that I am going to fry my adrenals and need to take a break from chelation, which I really want to avoid.

I also need to stay really on top of my food. When I am busy and/pre-occupied with with work, my meal schedule is all over the place. I cannot do that now – I fall apart much faster than I used to. I suppose that’s adrenals too.

29 June. I got back from California late last night. We landed at 10:30 pm but then they couldn’t get the luggage compartment open to get our checked luggage out. It was midnight before we got our bags, and almost 1 am when I got home. After multiple 15+ hours, I didn’t even have the energy to get mad about it. I have no idea how I’m going to repack, cook all my food, entertain house guests, and then get back on another plane on Sunday.

I am so glad I had an acupuncture appointment scheduled. I just finished and I feel amazing. That heavy weight has lifted and I just feel so much more clear and relaxed. He said my chi was definitely blocked, and that the chelation – combined with the normal friction of everyday life – is probably the reason why. I have already set up an appointment for when we’re back from vacation. I wonder if I should be doing this every week, given how much better I felt afterwards. He offered me some Chinese herbs to help with the fatigue. I am intrigued but I want to get a few weeks of ALA under my belt before I try anything new.

I worked with my physician and HR to get Short Term Leave paperwork in place. At this point I feel like it’s more about giving myself permission to rest and be sick than anything else.

1 July. I am in Philly for a wedding today, and thus chelating across time zones again. I am on Round 14, still at 12.5 mg DMSA. I just arrived at the hotel and I was hoping to walk around the city to visit my favorite haunts from when I used to live here. But it’s pretty clear that if I want to enjoy the wedding tonight, I am going to have to take a nap.

I’m going to pause this post here for now. I have to decide if I am going to continue to track my progress in this way. On one hand, there is not much new about how I’m doing chelation-wise. On the other hand, I’m sure it may help some people to see the whole journey. If yes, I would write another post from July to December. I expect that I will be in even more of a routine and it won’t be as long. If you do read through to the end and find yourself here, please let me know if this has been of value and if you would like me to continue.

7 Comments on “Chelation Chronicles – 1H 2018”

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  2. Very good to hear. I’m going to see now if I can find your next segment. I hope you are feeling better.

    • Hi Carrie – thanks for the feedback. Yes, I am feeling better by leaps and bounds now! There is a post about July to December 2018, hopefully you located that. And I will post a January – June 2019 update in the next few weeks. Not writing as much, though, as I get my life back I’m busy with other things. 🙂

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  4. Hi Natalie,
    Reading this was not only informative, but greatly encouraging. I know I need to do the chelation therapy and I’m really alone in all of this…no practitioners to walk me through and I have been lookign for several years now. So your willingness to be vulnerable and share with us, is invaluable in so many ways.
    THank you from the bottom of my heart,

    • Shonna – thank you so much for reading and taking the time to provide me with feedback. Heartbreaking but true – this journey is isolating for so many of us. Have you joined the Facebook community? It was a lifesaver for me early on. Wishing you health and healing. Natalie

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