EUX18 – Themes

I am super excited to be headed to the Enterprise User Experience Conference again this year.   The conference program looks great!

Over the past few months, Lou Rosenfeld (publisher and conference organizer) has conducted a series of podcasts with theme leaders and presenters.  If you want to get inspired in advance of the conference, you can check them out here:

Here are the themes for the 2018 conference, which I am looking forward to live blogging again this year:


Theme Leader: Eduardo Ortiz, Co-Founder, PRTNRS

Our BUILD theme focuses on the ideating, sketching, modeling, and prototyping necessary to develop effective and flexible enterprise processes, products, and strategies. Whether you balance legacy and strategy, work in regulated environments, or adapt a design process to suit a different product cycle, BUILD addresses the pragmatic aspects of designing within and for the enterprise.


Theme Leader: Margo Dear, Senior Director of User Experience, ADP

Delivering products is not enough. We must also COMMUNICATE the needs of our audiences, the value of our practices, and the unique skills we bring to the enterprise table. COMMUNICATE discusses how to make others understand and appreciate UX value, how to convey user insights, and how to find a common language with our non-UX partners within enterprise.


Theme Leader: Amy Marquez, Manager, Alexa Personality Experience team, Amazon

Successful investing focuses on strategic gains over quick wins, and balances long- and short-term priorities. INVEST helps us think beyond our immediate needs and lay the groundwork that supports the growth of design and design practitioners within an enterprise: Understanding context across functional teams to create strong partnerships, building and supporting effective teams, and making sure that our teams are developing the skills that will make them successful in the future.


Theme Leader: Tricia Wang, Co-founder of Sudden Compass

SCALE is the biggest differentiator in enterprise UX work. We face scalability challenges at every corner, from having the most impact with limited resources to scaling up design capacity, managing distributed teams, or understanding customer journeys in overwhelmingly complex environments. Above all else, we face the challenge of remaining customer-centric as we navigate matrixed organizations, functional silos, and hierarchical reporting structures. How might we create space for deep user research while managing to scale up our products?

You can follow @enterpriseux on Twitter if you want to get a sense of what’s being discussed during the event.  I will also be tweeting my blog posts from @ndhanthro as I finish them.


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