Feeling old

I work in a university town.  Although I often eat at my desk, it’s fun to be able to walk around at lunchtime,  windowshop, and people-watch if time permits. And every once in awhile I come back into town on the weekends when I have errands to run.  A few weekends ago I was scheduled for a haircut, and since I was running late I decided to park on the street near the salon (instead of in our garage at the office).  I keep a change purse with quarters in my car, but when I put money in the meter, it continued to flash red.  I really didn’t want to get a parking ticket, so I had a stressed out moment.  And then … I saw the sign!


Pay with my phone?  What?!  So I tried it.  The iPhone app download was fast, the tool was easy and intuitive to use … and best of all, the timer on my phone made it really clear when the meter was going to run out:


Pretty cool!  The whole thing made me feel hip but a bit old at the same time.  I think I responded and ‘fed the meter’ faster than, say, my parents would have.  But it was still a bit of a mind-bender for me.  I’m at that age where I understand enough about the technology and the task to engage. But it would have never occurred to me that parking meter payments could be automated with smartphones.  A cool idea, but one that makes me feel a bit old!

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