Field Research / Philly CHI

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to present to the Philadelphia chapter of CHI on the campus of Philadelphia University, where I am also serving as an Industry Fellow in the College of Design, Engineering, and Commerce (DEC).

Here is a link to event details, and the blurb that was circulated about my talk:

In this presentation, Natalie will share her experiences in using ethnographic methods (e.g. shadowing) as part of an internally-focused User Experience consulting practice in a large corporation.

She will talk about what ethnographic methods are and the potential benefits of those methods, as well as how she sees them fitting into an overall set of User Experience offerings. She will share some of her insights regarding the impact and value of those methods in relationship to other forms of user research. Natalie will also talk about the roles & responsibilities within her project team, including how design, research, and business stakeholders work together to ensure the entire project team shares and effectively transmits insights, while delivering business impact through a deeper understanding of the end-user.

This is not intended to be a how-to session or workshop, but rather to provide some background and case studies to spark a dialogue about method selection and the power of ethnographic research when used under the appropriate conditions.

If you’re interested, you can view the complete presentation on Slideshare:

You can read more about the talk here.

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