Monthly Archives: April 2011

Field Research / Philly CHI

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to present to the Philadelphia chapter of CHI on the campus of Philadelphia University, where I am also serving as an Industry Fellow in the College of Design, Engineering, and Commerce (DEC). Here is a link to event details, and the blurb that was circulated about my […]

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Field Research Methods in the Business Context

In the Spring of 2011, I collaborated with members of the administration and faculty at Philadelphia University.  They were in the process of re-thinking and implementing significant curriculum changes that included research methods for business and design students.  This presentation was co-sponsored by the Philadelphia chapter of CHI on site at the university. Field Research […]

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Visible joy in 7 minutes

Gamification is a hot topic on SAP’s internal social media channels these days. You have to wonder why enterprise software developers are talking about gaming.  Or, if you’ve ever used enterprise software, maybe you know why – it has to be better than talking about SAP R/3!  A couple of years ago I wrote about […]

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