Monthly Archives: October 2009

Connected – major concepts

I am still fighting my way out of the post-pregnancy fog, but the synapses are definitely firing again.  One of the really exciting benefits of that (besides the obvious fact of feeling more like my old self again), is that I want (and am finally able!) to read and write again. I’ve been fascinated with […]

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Data visualization

In a paper I co-authored for EPIC 2007, I wrote about a pie chart that I used to depict the research findings from my first ethnographic research study inside SAP in 2005.  With the exception of my dissertation research, which I had ‘distilled’ into a 300-page book, I had no experience in presenting complex, qualitative […]

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Delightful steps

At work I often wonder … if you’re in the business of making something utilitarian, can you really make things elegant, compelling, or delightful to enterprise users?  I called the hypothetical effort Project Delight.  Maybe I’ve overly naive and optimistic, but I think it’s possible.  And the next time someone doubts me, I’m going to show […]

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